Roasted Vegetables and Chicken with Balsamic

Here’s a nice quick and healthy dinner idea.  I found this one on and have made this a few times.   For a quick meal it’s very tastey and healthy.


For the most part I have keep most of it the same but have changed a few things.

What you will need:

Boneless chicken:  I use 5 boneless skinless chicken breast and cut them up into strips.  Or you can use the boneless skinless thighs like they recommend.

Asparagus:  20 medium asparagus (I usually throw in extra)

Carrots:  1 Cup (Peel and slice long ways into strips)  I have used the baby carrots a few times but they do take a little longer to cook.

Bell Peppers:   3 ( I usually try and get the larger peppers so I get more and I will usually do a red, a yellow and a green, just to add color)

Mushrooms:  Sliced.  1 to 2 packages depending on the size (they say about 10 oz)

Snow Peas or Snap Peas:  I also added one of these (not called for in the original)

Balsamic Vinegar:   They say a 1/2 cup and 2 tbsps, but I usually do 3/4 cups just to make sure everything has the flavor

Olive Oil:  Extra Virgin 1/4 cup

Sugar:  1 tsp is what they suggest.  I have made it both with or without the sugar

Rosemary:  3 tbsp fresh rosemary but I have also used the package rosemary from the spice section.  I usually only add 2 tbsp

Garlic:  2 cloves is what they suggest, I usually add only 1 at the most, because I’m not big on garlic.

Oregano or Thyme:  2 tbsp  I have only used the oregano since that is what I have on hand

Sage:  2 leaves fresh and chopped  is what they suggest.  I have also used 1 tbsp of the package sage if I don’t have fresh on hand

Salt and Pepper to taste:  I use sea salt, and usually just add 2 grinds of both pepper and salt from my grinders

Preheat Oven at 425.

Wash and dry chicken.  Use a paper towel to dry.

In a large mixing bowl (make sure large enough to be able to mix) add all the ingredients together.  I usually put in all my veggies and chicken.  Then in another bowl i put the olive oil, balsamic vingar, and all the spices and whisk together well.  After I make sure it is mixed well then i slowly pour it over the chicken and veggies in the other bowl, mixing as I go to make sure everything is coated well.  (They say you can mix it all in the one bowl if you want)

Then take either a roasting pan or I have used a cookie sheet covered with foil.  Lay the chicken and veggies out on the pan in a single layer.  You might need 2 pans to lay out in a single layer.  Bake for 35-40 mins depending on your oven.  Then serve.  I have served it over a bed of brown rice once.

Enjoy and let me know what you think